Valagnatir Bekilk

Valagnatir Bekilk is the home of the dragonborn and birthplace of the former Arkhosian Empire. Valagnatir Bekilk is composed of two parts, one being a massive desert known as the Dragons Breath, and the other is a range of mountains known as the Dragons Teeth.

The Dragons breath is a harsh and unforgiving desert that house many nomadic tribes of dragonborn. These dragonborn are usually seen riding massive lizards for mounts, and have established quick hit and run tactics against warring tribes or hostile elements.

The Dragons Teeth is a range of mountains the surrounds the Dragons Breath and used to house the greaty cities of the Arkhosian Empire. Built into the surfaces of the mountains these citys once housed thousands of dragonborn who could be seen flying around the mountain. The houses would face the ocean with only a six foot ledge protruding out to prevent someone from falling off. This never used to be a problem for its inhabitants since this was in a time when dragonborn still had fully functioning wings that allowed them to fly from ledge to ledge.

Now only one of these cities is still occupied by dragonborn, and it is called the Io Kwraith or Io’s Wrath. Since dragonborn had lost their wings when Io was destroyed and split into Bahumat and Tiamat, its inhabitants have had to build rope barriers along the ledges, bridges across chasims, and carved ladders into the mountain surface to climb up to higher sections. Most dragonborn travel through tunnels that had been built inside the mountain though, and use this tunnel complex to transport goods from floor to floor.

The City of Io does have a dock that allows for trade between them and the Gelamen Nation, although any non dragonborn are only allowed on the docks and the first floor of the city complex. Only with special permission from the draconic hierarchy are any non dragonborn allowed above the first floor.

Valagnatir Bekilk

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