Out of all the ten nations, Schano has the largest and most well trained military. Every citizen of the nation is required to train serve within the military for five years once they have reached the age of adulthood. Once their time within the military is complete the citizen is required to partake in bimonthly training sessions so that their skills will not fade away. If any other nation were to implement this type of regime it would be considered a threat by its neighbours. Schanos location prevents its neighbours from thinking this though. To its north is the borders of Therund whose mountains provide a natural wall separating it from Schano; to its south is the Wildlands where the threat of invading hordes of barbarians and monsters is always present.


Common Knowledge Schano constantly has to deal with tribes trying to cross their borders. To deal with this constant threat their army is always patrolling their southern borders, which is lined with outposts from its western shore to its eastern shore.

DC 15: The southern border is lined with a small military garrisons across its borders. Each garrison is a days travel from the next and every outpost has ten soldiers within them, plus a stable full of horses. Every four months slaves are brought to clear out any wild growth south of each garrison, creating a wide open field between each base and the forests edge.

DC 25: Schano is a rare country where each city and town elect their own leaders who then report to the Grand General, the leader of the country. Currently the Grand General is a human named Sebastian Valzurek, a former soldier who led the most successful campaign into the Wildlands, where he helped establish Arrowsview, a heavily fortified base a weeks travel into the Wildlands.


DC 10: Schano has quite the bad reputation amongst the other nations with the realm. The first is that it is so heavily policed that only those who grew up within the country are aware of all its laws and that it is very easy for a foreigner to break those laws. The other reason is that both criminals and those who refuse to serve in the military become state owned slaves who spend the rest of their lives being whipped and beaten by their owners.

DC 15: Though Schano is a heavily policed nation, many of its more obscure laws do not apply to foreigners. Regarding the state owned slaves, no foreigner would ever be sentenced with such a punishment, any foreigner who broke a minor crime would not qualify with being sentenced to slavery, while those who commit more severe crimes like murder would not be trusted as slaves. Most of the slaves are those who turned down their civic duty to serve in the military, or are those few who were allowed to cross the southern border from the Wildlands into Schano.

DC 25: Though there are many slaves within the nation and none of them have rights, that is not to say that they are mistreated. It is known that the slaves are a core factor in Schanos economy and that to prevent any form of rebellion the slaves are all treated fairly and properly. The main disadvantage to being a slave is that they are not allowed to vote, own land, or even choose how they are employed. They are paid, though not much, and if a slave manages to save up enough money they are able to buy their own freedom and be allowed to live how they choose within the nation.


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