Originally the world was one major landmass ruled over by the primordials and maintained by the divine beings of the astral plane. The astral beings filled the world with all kinds of different races to help them maintain the lands. These races saw their creators as gods and began to worship them. The prayers from their followers granted the gods much power and eventually they had enough power to destroy the primordial gods who saw the world as nothing more then a play thing.

So began the great war which resulted in the destruction of many of the races, and the complete eradication of all their cities. The land itself broke apart and the oceans rose to further separate the land masses.

The majority of mortals on the material plane were killed, and once the dust had settled their populations had dropped drastically. Tribes were formed and they wandered the lands until they found a place to settle down and create permanent settlements. Cities eventually began to form, and they began to engulf neighboring towns creating city states. Occasionally these states would go to war with each other until one eventually emerged the victor. Generations of wars were fought until a single human named Trebor Gnivri, emerged from the forest of what is now know as the Wildlands with a massive warhost following behind him. The city states realized that separately they would each fall to this warlord, but united they would be able to fight him off.

With the defeat of Warlord Trebor, the leaders of these city states knew that their constant warmongering would only weaken them from any more outside threats; and so they created an alliance among themselves to never go to war with another, and aid in the protection of what would now become the Gelamen Nation.


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