All fey show certain traits and characteristics depending upon which court they are from. These traits tend to diminish the longer a feys ancestors have spend upon the material plane. For example an Eladrin who was born and raised on the material plane, and whose parents where the first of their family to live on the plane would show many of the characteristics of their families court over and Eladrin whose family lineage resided on the primary plane for many generations.

The Courts

Fey from the Spring Court are highly energetic to the point of being almost child like. They’re easily distracted and are curious and interested about anything new to them. They also tend to show a high proficiency in being healers, and tend to dislike the sight of someone being hurt or injured, be it mentally or physically.

Fey from the Summer Court are traditionally very calm people who revere both life and death, seeing them as being the natural aspects of life.

Fey of the Autumn Court are rather violent and quick to anger. They put a huge value upon their own sense of honor, and take great pride in their abilities as warriors.

Fey of the Winter Court are the most patient of all the fey, and have a divine reverence towards death. They do not see death as an end of a journey, but rather as the beginning of new journey for your soul.


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