Riddel isn’t so much of a country as it is more of a collection of city states that banded together so that they wouldn’t be harassed by its neighbouring countries. Each city within Riddel is governed by a merchant lord who usually invested in a small town, and then as their wealth grew so did the town until it became a city. Each of these cities have their own laws and customs with there being one universal law within all the cities. Gold talks, and the more you have the better.

Though every city has agreed to not attack another city, there is a constant state of mercantile and political war between the cities, as they try to take over a rivals business. As such sabotage is a common event and many people make side money acting as spies or informants.


DC 15: Most citizens of Riddel work for a merchant house in some fashion. These contracts usually ensure that whatever product or service that the person provides is only sold to a singular merchant hour and in exchange they are promised to be paid a fixed amount on time and in full. The duration of each contract varies from person to person with some be set for a month, while others can be set for years.

DC 20: Though there are many merchant house very few are independent, with most having deals with other houses, or even being subsidiaries of larger houses. Every house though, regardless of size, is somehow connected to one of the five great houses of Riddel.


DC 15: Before Riddel became the nation it is today, it was a collection of city states each governed in their own way. As its neighbouring countries began to expand in both size and power, it was quickly realized that this sense of independence would be the downfall of these city states. So the five most powerful cities met together and after much negotiations, the country of Riddel was formed. Each of the Five Houses would be put in charge of their own territory to govern as they see fit. The only rule that they all had to follow and agree on was to never openly attack another territory, and if any nation decided to invade Riddel all the houses would band together and fight off their invaders.

DC 25: Though the five great houses have agreed to never directly assault the other, this has not prevented them from spying and trying to gain an upper-hand over the other. Every merchant house, ranging from the ruling five to a low tier city local business, routinely employ thieves and spies to infiltrate rival organizations.


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