Though Idumepla is a monarchy and currently ruled by King Xavier III, it is rather well known that the royal family is nothing more than a figurehead at this point in time. The true rulers of the country are those in charge of the arcane university with its capital of Perseas. Originally the university was one of many arcane universities strewn across the Gelamen Nations, however as it grew in power and status it eventually became the top school for learning the arcane arts and eventually became known as The University.

The University currently houses some of the most powerful arcane users known to man, where they act as administrators and teachers within the school. Due to the school’s reputation and prestige many Idumneans consider enrollment within the school to be a great manner of pride. Every year the school holds an open testing process where anyone is allowed to take a series of tests where they may display any arcane talent. Any who are deemed talented enough to enter the school are then awarded entry if they can pay a tuition that is tailored upon the individuals talents. The more talented the person, the cheaper the tuition.


DC 15: Anyone who graduates from The University is essentially guaranteed a job as a court magician or any other stable form of employment as a practitioner of the arcane arts. Having a university under your employ is a major symbol of status and wealth for most nobles within the Galeman Nations.
The university takes all its applicants into consideration as long as they show at least an inkling of magical aptitude. Most arcane schools won’t even consider applicants who are sorcerers, seeing them as idiot savants who have access to power that they will never be able to control. It is widely considered that a sorcerer will eventually destroy themselves while accessing their powers, hopefully without any innocent casualties. The University on the other hand does accept sorcerers, even providing specific classes on how to properly manage and control their innate talents.


DC 15: Due to each students tuition being specifically established for each individual those with a minute amount of talent can be charged a fee that is higher than they can afford. Thanks to Idumepla sharing its borders with Riddel, the city of Perseas is filled with money lenders, most of them with ties to merchant houses in Riddel. These money lenders are more than willing to pay the yearly fees for a student as long as they are paid back with interest.
Since many students graduate indebted towards these lenders, graduates are quick to accept any offer as a court magician so that they can begin paying off their debts. Those who are unwilling to be under the constant control of a rich employer usually end up working as adventurers.


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